Brave Browser becoming Slow to download pages

I have just installed the brave browser and I was quite happy with it, but now it seems to be very slow when I browse pages…

It is very strange because when I open the browser in incognito mode it is quite fast, I have tried to create another profile and it also loads pages very fast like when I started using brave.
(see content download time)

In the profile which is now slower I have several extensions which I have disabled for test (+clear history and all …) but still it remains very slow in the content download phase of the same Google query for instance…

Do you have an explanation?

Is there a way to fix my initial profile so it is fast like a brand new profile ?
What could be the root cause of this degradation ?

OS = Win XP
Brave version : Version 1.0.1 Chromium: 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Hello! Windows XP is not officially supported – bugs like this are common I’m afraid.

OK thanks Asad.

I don’t actually think we can state that “bugs like this are common” unless we analyse the situation and prove it … :slight_smile:

Anyway seems like my problem is actually tied to my google account cf.

Good news, Brave is performing well even on XP !

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