Brave Beta on Mac crashes on launch please help!

I’ve had the beta for years absolutely no issues. I got the notification that there was an update ( yellow). It looked like the browser crashed before I clicked update and it wouldn’t open. I rebooted, did a clean of a bunch of junk files on Mac . I’m currently on Sonoma 14.4 . I download the latest beta from the site and still having the same issues.

I know this is poor practice but besides safari which I use sometimes brave is my main browser. Its saved all my passwords , and book marks. I don’t want to uninstall and try again because I can’t loose these. Anyone have any tips for me about the crash.

Also, is there a way to copy the folder of passwords, and bookmarks to save and add into maybe the non- beta version?

@ihavenoname can you try steps linked/quoted below? Using commands/steps for Beta rather than regular Brave, naturally

@Saoiray yea I tried it all. I spent some time researching old threads and trying all those options. I was able to copy my all the data in the beta contents folder and copy it to the regular brave so things are working fine. I’d uninstalled and reinstalled the beta and the nightly ( at the time of writing) and its crashing. So i think it was something on that particular beta

@ihavenoname big thing in us being able to help or know what’s going on is identifying exact steps. So you’re saying you launched in new profile and it still crashed? Same with the --disable-gpu input?

I’ll tag in @Mattches here in hopes he can touch base.

@ihavenoname is the browser (Beta) crashing on launch every time?

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