Brave asks for an activated uphold account even if it is already activated

I have created an uphold account and completed the id verification process, but when linking it with brave browser it says that I need an activated account.
tried to contact uphold support but they said that they can’t do anything and I better ask about this here.

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Copy/Paste from User Solutions: 1.39x

ISSUE: Verified Uphold Account Disconnected/Cannot Reconnect

Other non-OS Specific Checks

If you have never received a payout to your Uphold account, these are some of the things you can check.

  1. Make sure your account is verified at Uphold. Go to your profile page and there should be a verified date at the bottom.

    Example: Screenshot of a Verified Profile at Uphold
    Can’t verify and authorize the wallet, can’t connect Brave to Uphold - #2 by Impoiler

  2. Make sure all your personal information in your Uphold account is accurate and complete. For example, Uphold will verify your account with an incomplete address, but Brave needs your full address, including street number, street, city, etc.

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