Brave Adds not working new user MAC

i did look at all the FAQ suggestions before posting this. i have brave on my mac book pro and my iphone and they are synched up, ive onlu seen 1 add. that was day 1 and nothing after that single add. Any suggestions?

Are wondering why you’re not seeing Ads after enabling Brave Rewards? Please read the following document first before opening a new topic:

Following this post incase you get an answer. I have been running Brave on my mac for the past week but am yet to receive an ad! Rewards are enabled, as are notifications but no success. Hopefully we get an answer :slight_smile:

@Iisfinxii13 @gradcat just keep browsing as you normally do. Brave Ads is matched locally (with the available ad catalog) on your device. It’s also depends on the availability of ads campaign in your country.

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