Brave and Yahoo! mail

When I want to use Yahoo! mail with Brave browser then Yahoo! show me a message about ad-blocker and ask me to switch to the basic mail. I must refresh the page, but this message appears again after some minutes:
Can I disable it with “Inspect” feature?

Thank you.

Thanks for the report, will investigate a fix @hack3rcon

As a test, Right mouse click, Click Brave.
Block element by selector
Add this: .ab_C.I_Zjpytw

Then reload the page @hack3rcon
See it it helps


Thank you so much.
Problem solved.

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You want to block the div tag with the modal-outer ID: #modal-outer. Otherwise, you are only blocking the individual message, and will need to do so again later.

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This should be fixed in Brave, without a fix needed.

@notjoshing .ab_C.I_Zjpytw is the outer div.

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