Bookmarks,history vanish after phone stop

After my battery went empty and phone closed (the browser was opened and running when this has occurred),when I start the phone again,bookmarks and history were gone and all the browser settings were on default.
Is there any way to recover at least the bookmarks? I have checked the cache of app, in settings and it shows around 180Mb, also a strange thing; the browser is up and running,opened,but when I check in settings/apps/running is not there (not normal I believe).
Brave 1.0.52 Chromium 67.0.3396.87 Android 4.5.8 (after upgrading in the past and having stability problems I have downgraded ,waiting for a more stable version and was working Ok for a long time,until now).
I will appreciate any help for recover my bookmarks.
Thank you.

I’ve tried removing my phone from the sync chain and re-adding it - no dice.

One bookmark synced from my desktop, but none of the folders (and thus the bulk of my organized bookmarks)

Looks like no one gives a crap to answer something…

After some research I’ve found this:

where someone was describing the location of bookmarks:
,where the .json file should be located.
My device is rooted so I’ve searched the folder and file but…the Bookmarks folder is not there…
Still waiting for some guidance/help/answer/something…

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