How do I backup bookmarks in Brave browser for Android?

I must say that most of, (get this, 98%) of my experience using Brave browser for Android has thankfully been flawless up until now. I had an issue tonight with my phone’s Brave browser hanging severely multiple times despite clearing phone caches and freeing up system RAM so I thought to uninstall and then reinstall to see if it would fix the problem. Besides the reinstall not fixing the problem (although something else eventually did) to my utter anguish all my bookmarks had been deleted!!! Shock-horror that anything like this would dare happen in Brave as nothing like this ever happens in Chrome coz I’ve done many reinstalls of Chrome on my laptop for instance and my settings, bookmarks and searches from the previous installation are still there. But to my bitter disappointment Brave, contrary to my assumptions based upon how Chrome works, does not currently work like that. So my questions are as follows:

  1. How do I backup my bookmarks in Brave?

  2. Is there any app which I can download for Android that will recover my deleted Brave bookmarks?

I would appreciate a sincere and practically simple way towards a solution to these issues as I use my bookmarks lists for my studies & educational pursuits so it is imperative that I can store them somewhere solidly reliable and free from erasure.

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