The Bookmarks manager could use a little improvement

I used to use FireFox as my primary browser before I switched to Brave. The reason why I used FireFox was because of it’s privacy and convenience. What do I mean by convenience? FireFox had enough tools to perform most (if not all) the tasks I wanted. It was very customizable (in functionality, not visuality) and if you didnt like the way FireFox sorts things or didnt like how it was running, FireFox would have thought of it before hand and implemented an option to change it, all you had to do was find the setting. No plugins nor 3rd party software required (I wouldnt might using 3rd party software, Im just showing FireFox’s convenience). After I switched to Brave, I was getting loads of new features that are really helpful, but Im also missing features that I could really use. One of them is the “Sort By Date” option in the Bookmarks manager. The only option is to “Sort by Name”. Now, I add bookmarks regularly, and, I dont remember their name most of the time. All I know is that I saved it recently, and the “Sort by Date” feature in FireFox really helps me find the bookmark I need quickly. But Brave doesnt have this feature, and so, it’s really hard to go through my bookmarks and find what I want when put at such a handicap.

So, Id really like for Brave to add the option to “Sort by Date”. It would be really helpful, really convenient, and it would make me really happy!

Also, while Ive been scrolling through the forums, Ive notice people were asking for features that were available in FireFox, and to cut Brave some slack, FireFox is owned by a bigger and wealthier company than Brave, so it makes sense for them to have more features. So I just hope that the Brave team can at least thing about all these features and hopefully implement some of them. Thanks

I second this request. As it currently stands, the bookmarks “manager” in Brave is extremely limited. It doesn’t even show the URL in your bookmarks list. I’ve been using because it functions as a real bookmark manager but it doesn’t integrate well enough with the browser for my liking. I would love to see some of this basic functionality brought to Brave. I hope in time we’ll start to see some improvement.

1 Like looks to be a decent piece of software. I’ll check it out. But Brave really needs to start stepping up their game. It is good that they arent trying to compete against Google with Chrome and Mozilla with FireFox directly, but they should at least try to include the best parts of a browser. And to cut them some slack, they were released in November of 2019, just 3 years ago, while Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer (Edge) came out who knows how long ago. So lets hope Brave keep up with these browsers in terms of functionality and speed while still being the same when it comes to privacy.

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