Importing "Other Bookmarks" with "Tags" from Firefox

I’m impressed - because this browser can run YouTube videos at 720p on my PC and Firefox can only manage 480p.

I need to import my bookmarks. The vast majority are organised under “Other Bookmarks” by using Tag categories. Brave just shows a very long list of all those bookmarks, they aren’t sorted by tag, the tags don’t even show. Have I done something wrong? Perhaps Brave can’t do that - if so, I wouldn’t be able to use it.

Brave doesn’t support bookmark tagging ATM. :frowning:

Has anyone written a script that can take an HTML Firefox bookmarks file and convert the tags to bookmarks for Brave?
It might just need a find & replace in a text editor, or replacing one line at the beginning and one at the end for the tag list, so they look like bookmarks.

It looks like there may be a couple of open source projects that can do this for you – I cannot speak for their validity however. Example:

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That looks like the thing, I’ll have a look at getting that Java program to work. When I’ve worked out how to download all the files that is…


It’s like a manual for some consumer electronics written by someone whose first language isn’t English - you decide it’s easier to go for trial and error.

The file assumes too much. There’s a whole load of files which would take me ages to download and I don’t know what to do with, and a command, javac, which doesn’t work, so requires the installation of javac whatever that is.

I reckon it would be easier for me to study the bookmarks file to see the difference between the lines for bookmarks and those for tags and edit it to make them all bookmarks.

Thanks for taking the time to make the suggestion anyway.

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