BlockFi ad crashing mobile browser

Every time I get the Blockfi ad the brave browser crashes. Started after the update on 20/05/2020 :+1:

Thanks for the report, this crash happens after you tap on the ad?

Hi: same for me, it crashed a couple of time, but not all the time since last update. only with Blockfi add. (IPAD)

thanks, was this a regular ‘notification’ ad and tapping on it crashed for you or rather the sponsored background image?

From my side crash from regular ad, once click on it it crash. then it said sorry something went wrong. Restart the browser normally.

Thanks for the reports.
We plan to fix it on server side so no app update in order to fix it forr you.

Next iOS version will include some code to help catch such crashes in the future.

Some technical context for interested:
Url address of the ad contained a character that was not parsed correctly by our iOS client, which resulted in the app crashing


Thanks Michal, no issue.

Yes regular ad not the sponsored one

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