Advert hack on start page backgrounds

A starting page background has been hacked so as to show an advert for a dodgy bitcoin operator (blockfi(dot)com)

*If I select “new tab” in Android or just tap the “+” button in the iOS build, I get this hacked background image periodically. The image quality is obviously poor too.

screenshot is here

This happens in both current release builds in iOS and Android

Conclusion: Obviously efforts need to be made to prevent this sort of abuse

That’s Sponsored Image.

When you see it for the first time, Brave should give you a bit information about that. And mentioned you can disable it.

You can turn it OFF. On Android, go to Menu > Settings > New Tab Page. It’s maybe similar on iOS – I don’t use iOS.

Thank you for the information.
I am greatly disappointed that Brave has done this since I have not taken the option to join their rewards program, nor do I want to see their adverts. This problem should still be fixed by them so that it does not happen again. Brave did not warn me or mention why the advert was there, in either the iOS or Android build. Secondly, your linked reference says that the Blockfi advert would appear on devices in “USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom”, however I am in South Korea. This should not have happened.

As it is, I already deleted the application on the iOS device and have switched to Firefox’s Focus, which does not introduce any options for adverts – especially for dodgy bitcoin outfits.

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