Block any element of a page

It’s probably one of the most enjoyable feature from some AdBlockers : blocking specific content or area of a page.

I did that a lot with YouTube comments… Faster page load and, well, let’s say it helps keeping faith in humanity ^^

More seriously, if you keep the balance between a functional browser while getting rid of ads, you still get some annoyance : cookie consent, subscribtion offers, chatbot trying to sell crap, etc… :roll_eyes:

UBlock Origin provide a function to block targeted content wich works pretty fine even on Firefox mobile.
Having the same integrated with Brave (desktop and mobile) would be fracking super awesome !

Here is some screenshot to illustrate :

With Brave (standard blocking)

With Firefox + UBlock Origin add-on
(“Element Picker” mode)

Even selecting what you want to block is a very satisfying moment. ASMR guaranteed :grin:

Unless there is some secret plans to be able to install Chrome add-ons on Brave mobile, this feature would be a huge shield enhancement :blush: