Block Element Selector For Android

One extremely useful feature that the desktop version of Brave has is the ability to block specific elements via the context menu. It’s helpful because it takes care of wasted website space, annoying website-specific popups asking for email registration, and other problems. Phones generally didn’t have this problem, until now.

Android phones and tablets have begun to offer full-featured desktop modes. This includes products, such as Samsung Dex, Huawei Easy Projection, LG Screen+, and Motorola Ready For PC. They enable Android devices to use apps and browse the web on a computer monitor or TV just like a desktop computer.

And for that reason, Android phones and tablets are now subjected to the same woes that desktops have - wasted website space, annoying popups asking for email registration, and other problems. Right now there is no solution except to put up with it. It would be ideal to be able to block the elements.

I’m not the only one asking for this feature. The Brave Community has seen this request before in 2020, then in 2021, 2022, and finally I’m asking in 2023.

Android desktop mode is a very powerful tool, and some browsers have attempted to cater to it by offering features that other browsers do not. MS Edge and Vivaldi support multiple browser instances in Android just like the Windows variants (Brave does not offer this for Android).

With more developers supporting desktop mode, I believe Brave would benefit by getting into this space.

Yes, this one is good feature :slightly_smiling_face: hope it gets implemented.