Block All Fingerprintingg confi reverts to Block 3rd Party Fingerprinting automatically

Description of the issue:

The configuration Block All Fingerprinting that I selected from the settings menu is always, always reverted automatically to Block 3rd Party Fingerprinting for any site that I open on Brave, in anonymous or normal mode. I have to readjust it for wach site I open on Brave.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Configure Block All Fingerprinting on settings menu.
  2. Open any site and clock on the orange lion in the bar.
  3. Check the fingerprinting configuration.

Expected result: The orange lion will display: 3rd party fingerprinting blocked.

Brave Version (check About Brave):

[Version 1.10.93 Chromium: 83.0.4103.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)] for Linux (

Additional Information: -

Happens on the same browsing session? Or after you quit and reopen Brave?

This problem affects me as well. Im using Brave Desktop 1.10.95 Chromium 83.0.4103.106 on macOS Catalina 10.15.5.

I launch Brave to a blank New Tab, select Preferences to Block All Fingerprinting. It will work for the same session in Brave, however, if I clear cache and close, the setting reverts to Block cross-site fingerprinting. All my other settings changes I make remain, but this one will “ignore” my option.

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And yes, this happens for me under Linux and Windows. There is no overt “save” button in the settings dialogues so is this the reason? I want to block ALL fingerprinting not just cross site fingerprinting.

Hello eljuno,
As CM, can you please advise us if this is actually a known problem with Brave? As it is, I find it rather frustrating and if no resolution soon, I’m afraid it weakens my trust in Brave and I will likely revert to FFox or one of its derivatives.

It would seem that no one from Brave has an answer to this problem. It remains very frustrating that one has to explicitly flag the preferred “block all fingerprinting” each time one starts the browser afresh. So although there are many things about Brave that I like, this one element to me is a real flaw and lowers my trust in the browser. I will be reverting to Firefox or one of its derivates now.

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