Black video playback screen appears on screen

Description of the issue: Identical issue to

On iOS smartphone, but not on iPad, when I go on certain websites, and seems to be certain news websites, a mostly black playback video “pop-up” like page comes up as if to play a video but nothing plays. It’s just black. I have pop-ups blocked. I have to manually close the window (X) in order to see or get back to the main site. I

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. Go to site like or 2. Wait a moment 3. See black screen. 4. Hit X to get back to site.

Actual Result: See issue at

Expected result: Main web page content
Reproduces how often: Consistently
Operating System and Brave Version: Version 1.32.1 (
Device iPhone13,4 (iOS 15.0.2)

I have the same issue on iphone 7. All videos render as black screen since the ios15 update

What websites? I tested youtube and vimeo and both work for me

I have the same issue for a few weeks. I usually ignore it so after trying a bunch of sites I can confirm does it every time.
Plays a 4-second long blank video on a loop.

youtube and vimeo both rendered nothing but black for me in both Brave and Safari ios15 on iphone 7 plus. For Safari there is an advanced GPU:Media option that needed to be disabled in settings and Safari now displays normally. No such setting in Brave, and all videos are black screen on youtube.