Black Screen On Disney+

Yesterday night, I got the black screen while streaming the House of dragons a show on Disney Plus using my HP pavilion X360.

I tired clear the cache of browser but it’s still showing the black screen.

Is anyone there who can help me with this?

Hello @sandy88

Thank you for reaching out and we’re happy to assist you. Just one question, on which service or program were you trying to stream it? are you running a VPN? Additionally, and if you are running a VPN turn it off if you have it enable.

Some pages won’t allow protected content to be streamed, try using a different browser to see if the issue persist.

Be waiting for your response!

To be clear, you meant to say you’re getting a black screen on HBOMax, right? The show House of Dragons is not on Disney plus :slight_smile: :dragon:

Can you tell me if you see anything on the site — for example, are you able to navigate and select shows still? Or is the screen black everywhere on the site?

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