Hbo go movie issue

hi, i try to watch a movie on hbo go , and after i watch movie for 2 minutes i have a black screen from brave, i hit f5 and the same problem, how can i fix it?

Hi @Cipimrx,

Sorry to hear about your issue.

A few follow up questions:

What OS and Brave version are you running?
Did this only start to occur recently, or has this always been an issue?
Have you tried it with Shields down? If so, did that help?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve only got a HBO Now (not sure if it matters), and just tested with Sheilds=On. Seems to load okay.

I’m also able to view both HBOGO and HBONOW content in Brave w/Shields up. Can you tell us more about your setup and the issue? Are there any errors shown? Does it matter whether or not you go fullscreen when viewing the content?

srry if i respond to late, i have linux, the latest version, i use brave developer, and yes the issue was always there, and i don t tried,

idk , i have more issue here., in chrome i recieve notification from some websites here, nothing , my setup i don t understand do you mean hardware or? in fullscreen or normal same issue

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