Better Javascript Blocking Controls

I would like to request a better feature of the javascript blocking. When you go to block a website from using javascript. The site might not work properly. You can only “allow once” for that script to run and work properly. I am asking to add an “always allow” button for the javascript blocking controls. I have been using this browser for over 2 years and this is the most annoying thing I have encountered while using it. There are extensions like uBlock Origin, but I would like the ability to always allow some scripts to load on the website instead of only allowing the script to load once and then block it after that.


This feature request is a good one and has already been made here and a couple of others, which you may upvote if you like.

There is no way currently for more granular permanent control of individual scripts, only the “Allow once” option. You would need the NoScript extension to achieve this.

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