Before Posting About Payment And Suspension Publisher Please Read This

*I am not a brave staff, admin or moderator. I am a user that is also under review like many. My ticket number was in the 10k and I have seen ticket number today that are over 15k. I have spoked to the brave reps a few times and have sent all my proves I await their verdict but I just want people to comport themselves

  1. On the 8th of each month PST(GMT-7 or UTC-7) Brave software starts paying publisher. Due to the high volume of payment, delays occur.

  2. Due to earlier stated reason please wait till end of day on the 10th of each month PST before forming a post. This is due to the fact your post can push important post and problem down the list for a non issue.

  3. If you are placed under review or suspension, I know you are human and we are emotional beings, please get your emotions in check before writing a public post. Swearing, cursing or shouting doesn’t make the person on the other end more excited to help you out.

  4. Please if you have followed all the rules and still feel the need to message someone or post. Be polite about it and at worst cc @asad. Remember he is human like you and he has feelings to. So try not to curse at him

  5. Always keep records on how you acquired your donated bat.


Thanks for this, Dgenies. I will pin and close it!

Would also like to reiterate that opening threads on this matter is not allowed. These are sensitive issues and in the interests of protecting user privacy we ask that you instead send an email to if you have any questions.