Bave Wallet not crediting BAT payments on Uphold

I have already verified my Uphold account, i had a payment date on July 5th, it ocurred a few minutes ago on July 6th but still there are no funds on my Uphold Wallet, please help


:point_up: Can you elaborate? What exactly occurred? Also if you go your Uphold account and click on the Activity tab, can you see any transactions of money sent to you listed here?

Well @Mattches the payment date arrived, but the BAT reward is still pending, it didn’t credit to my Uphold account, also i have no activity whatsoever on Uphold.

The payment i just got was just a prize i guess, it deposited a little bat on the Brave wallet, but again, not credited on Uphold, plus i have my reward pending

Ok, now i have all the rewards pending on my brave wallet, still not uploading to Uphold…

So you’re saying that you have all the BAT you should have, but it’s not depositing into your Uphold wallet. Can you show me where it says wallet verified on your Rewards Settings page, as well as what the last entires in the Activity page are on your Uphold account?

Same problem here bat rewards in the brave wallet but not credited yo uphold account and is verified.

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Sure, where should i message you? What do you mean by “wallet verified on your Rewards Settings page”?

Just go to Menu --> Brave Rewards and share a screenshot of it.

You can DM me directly @Mattches here on Community.

I’m facing same problem: No BATs transferred to verified Uphold account. Could you pls help?

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