BATS NOT CREDITED FOR MONTH OF FEBRUARY 2021 but got posponded to march 2021

I have the same issue
date got postponed to march


Same issue here. Do anyone have explanation?

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its just been delayed this has been several times dont panic it will be credited in 2 days most… (saying from experience)


Same issue here for 2nd month in a row. I am able to receive ads and the BAT earned keeps updating but wallet balance not going up as I can’t claim it.

This bug has been reported as far back as June Claim button missing and probably further. Why is this still not fixed?

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same issue
i can’t withdraw anything
on the other and price is rising a lot and that great


Verified wallets don’t show a “claim” button, the bats are sent directly to uphold within the time.

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Hi all, payments are still processing - February Brave Ads Payout Status - #4 by steeven.


yes same problem…

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Same problem. I new comer from December but I seen claim button on January and this February I not see the claim button until now

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Forget it. I am never able to claim it.

Same problem here with my 1 laptop and 2 PCs

The problem has not changed - on unverified browser I still have not got the claim button and this happened last month as well. My Brave browser New Tab shows that I have 0 BAT earned until I hit refresh - then it updates to like 12 BAT, and I still can’t claim; same happens on Brave Settings page (nothing on it enabled until I hit refresh, then all settings are updated to the expected, but still no claim button there either).

This is now the 2nd month in a row I miss :frowning: I kind of hope this stops being the case otherwise I will have to stop advocating using Brave for the ads benefit.

I have downloaded brave and i have activated the reward system, yet, they havent presented me any ads. no ads for me? whats the probleme? ps. my country is on the supported list

If you still haven’t receive your ads payment, please DM me your wallet id. Thanks!

today i got 7 estimated BATs, i think things are starting to work out, thank you for your support

2 days now, the browser looks slower, and im seeing ads but they dont appear on the reward center, neither do the BATs associated with them,
any advices!

@MoNadir - can you DM me your wallet id? What country are you based in? Thanks in advance!

I haven’t receive it, but I don’t know my wallet id.

I have sent a DM to you please check

I too have dm but no response. Please respond fast.

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