BAT Reward Balance is Zero

BAT Reward Balance is Zero last month I was able to see the balance on march 8 but this time i cannot see the balance on either of my machines? how will i recieve the payout if balance is not there and today is the payout day that is 8 march may be its not a payout date for me but why balance is zero ?

I am using Version 1.63.165 on linux and windows both.

I am connected to Zebapay and my supported region is India

That’s the day payouts begin processing by, not when you are guaranteed to receive your payout. If you go to Ads Payout Status Update you’ll see the current payout status. As of the moment I’m replying to you, it shows that ZebPay is still pending.


Just to make sure you understand the process:

  1. We see Earnings so far (it used to be called Estimated Earnings, but is the same thing) increase as we view ads each month.

  2. At the end of each month, Earnings so far decreases to 0. This is because a new month begins. It just tracks from first through last day of each month

  3. Around the 7th of each month payments begin to process. Partners that have been connected longer, such as Uphold, tend to receive payments faster because they’ve perfected integration. ZebPay, being newer, takes longer to receive and post payments.

  4. To reemphasize things here, it can take days or even weeks for you to receive your payment.

As to saying you could see the balance, I’m assuming you just mean for Earnings so far? Or you speaking of balance for payments you have received? If the latter, did you sweep your earnings into ZebPay already?

does it means when the zebpay will not be pending then the bats will appear in my brave rewards balance ?

yes my earnings that i earned in feb 2024 are not shown up on my brave rewards balance it is zero as today is march 8 2024 it must be there as on my linux machine i had my balance shown for jan 2024 shown up on 7 feb 2024 itself so why are they are not there till now?

no i did not sweep the earnings. how will i when i have not recieved the payout i started using brave in feb 2024.

Yes, that’s how it should be. If by time that the post I linked to shows ZebPay payments are complete and if you haven’t received them, then you may need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at But it’s important you wait until it says payments are complete before you create the ticket.

Right, which I just explained prior. Your estimated earnings (earnings so far) would have gone to 0 and then it processes. As I shared, payments are still ongoing. This always means you’ll have 1-2+ weeks where it kind of “disappears” from your view before reappearing.

This will always be blank. It still exists from when we used to have vBAT and everything was kept in the browser. It’s something they should be removing here later.

On this, you see the Earnings so far on the upper right? That will become 0 again on or around March 31. That’s because March will be over. That bigger balance, the one that says 0.00 right now is your BAT balance inside ZebPay. The reason I asked about whether you did a sweep of BAT is I can’t remember if the browser will be able to see the balance once you do sweep it.

On this regard, you may not want to do that right away. ZebPay has a monthly fee if you leave any balance in your account and have not performed any transactions. When you receive payment, it kind of gets stored in an in-between status. So long as it remains there, you don’t get charged. Once you move it to ZebPay, you’ll want to withdraw it or move it somewhere, else it will likely all be taken for the fee.

You may want to thoroughly read through Information for users connected to ZebPay as they show some screenshots of things and try to explain little bits on it as they learned.

I have the same issue with my BAT Balance (Uphold) in three computers. I am connected (and verified) to Uphold and my supported region is Spain.

If i login to my Uphold account i can see the balance, and the earnings of febrary were processed correctly.

This month the balance still shows ZERO, but the estimated earnings are increasing.

Any help? I have tried to reset and it doesn’t work. Thanks

I think this time the payments will be received in April 2024, just wait for the next month as,you can see in the ads payout page of brave they say for uphold you will receive all in one for all your brave accounts… So I’m a Zebpay user my payments are still pending no issue if the bats are not received you can report or create a ticket for that as you are a Uphold user…
And Uphold users in my opinion are the first to receive payouts as Uphold is partnered with brave from a long time.


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