BAT not syncing to Uphold wallet

Hi Support

You closed this case just now but this problem still exists and has existed for the last 6 months not just this month, i have not received any rewards for the last 6 months. So what makes you think i will receive them this month? what has changed?

My BAT rewards are stuck in my browser and will not move into my Uphold wallet. Can you please help?

Walled ID - Wallet info

Key info seed: Valid

Wallet created: 03/29/2021, 06:02:27 PM

Balance info

Total balance 30 BAT

Rewards BAT: 30 BAT

Uphold Wallet: 0 BAT

External wallet info

Wallet status: Verified

Wallet address: fa359ed2-ba5d-40c4-8b84-0bd127768458

Just 1 device is linked

wallet was verified in 2019 and has worked until around 6 months ago.

rewards panel -

i have tried disconnecting and reconnecting my wallet but this has not helped.

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Please see this thread April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status.