I need help with my confirmed creators please

I already have 10 Confirmed and the bats do not appear, I need help please

my referrals downloaded the braver browser on 07/09/2020 and confirmed me 08/10/2020 but my bats are not reflected in my account



Same Too me My refarrels 3 confirmed But Reward Account not shows this BAT

Same here. 2 confirm, no payout yet.

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I think all user face the same problem and
Now payouts Time after All Rewards Updated publisher account.


Please respond

Happening to all of my new confirmations too (since around 10 days ago). I think it has something to do with the freeze period for payments, causing BAT for new confirmations to not show up yet.

Hi @Fannyfloress - it can take 48hrs after a referral is confirmed for it to update. Please DM me your email if it’s been longer than that. Thanks!

@steeven please respond to DM

Hello, more than 48 hours have passed and the confirmed bats still do not appear, there is my email, I have 17 confirmed references

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