BAT not received after reconnect in uphold

Hello, i have a problem i not have received my BAT earning on this month because I had to reconnect to my uphold account. I no longer have a window to claim my reward now you can resolve this problem ?

Hi @jimrecord - thanks for reaching out! Are you referring you a grant?

i not have not all understand sorry… :frowning: normaly I had to receive my payment for the january month, but I needed to reconnect to my Uphold account during the claim and after that the button have disappeared… i not have received my coin on uphold

Hi @jimrecord - if the BAT was given through the claim button, then it does not qualify to be withdrawn into your Uphold. It is designated to be tipped to any content creators that you like.

no no i was talking about the reward, for information my problem is solved it’s good ! the button of the claim came back alone after 2 days :slight_smile: but thanks you for your help Steeven !

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