BAT lost from my wallet


In May the BAT in my wallet disappeared (as for many people), so I waited for the update to recover them. But I only recovered my earnings for the month of May, but not the BAT which were previously in my wallet. So I waited for June, telling myself that they might come back, but it didn’t happen… .

So I would like to know if there is a way to recover them …

I put a screenshot of the history of my earnings, knowing that in this list, I only used 10 BAT, the rest was still in my wallet.


I got exactly the same thing, Lost 70BAT, just got the June payment, but not what I have before.
If someone has a solution…


nobody can give us back our BAT ??

Hi @Osmw14 - please DM me your rewards internals, OS and Brave version. Thank you!

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