Bat is not porting to uphold Card already 3 month

i reconnected my wallet (already verified) Uphold support teamtold me to contact brave support! coz its not their problem! can someone explain how can i fix?!

this topic didnt help me!

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For the moment there is no real solution, we must take our pain in patience.
“The team is still investigating why this did not work for all users. Thank you for your patience as we work to get to the bottom of the issue” :smirk:


im wiating ) since january) last year i lost my 20 bats)

i have the same problem. I tried reconnecting to my uphold but that didnt solve the problem. i have around 4 bat token pending due on April 6 but the date switched to may 6 and didnt reflect either in my wallet or in my uphold. Brave team please solve this.


it’s been two months for me, I really hope to get my payment from the creator too

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BAT is not porting for me as well, I am using Brave both on android and PC, my last two months of Brave ads payout (android) isn’t ported to the Uphold (not just uphold card). Also, today I clicked the Claimed the Brave ads payout and did the triangle thingy, it shows the BAT is transferred to my Uphold account but nothing really happens. There is no BAT transferred to my uphold acc.


One can clearly see there is no BAT transfer since March 5th, also u can see I just got paid once for that month but I have Brave ads on for both my PC and android. (Android one’s isn’t paid).

Both of the Braves are always up to date.

i’ve got my reward and i did anything but useless

Thanks for following up. This is still a known issue that’s being investigated and updates can be tracked here - Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet.

My updated up to V1.22.71 but the transaction still did not take


I have same issue. Creo que dejaré de usar este navegador, me siento un poco estafado.

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im using latest version no changes((

solution does not work, need real solution quick.

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