BAT ad earnings piling up, but not being sent to my linked Uphold wallet - what gives?

Yes, that’s my question… I have clear ad earnings going back many months. I also have done KYC with Uphold and successfully linked my Brave browser to my Uphold account. In the past 24 hours I had 2.6 BAT transferred to my Uphold account, but I think that was from my work laptop with Brave that I recently installed. I have 68.9 BAT ‘ad earnings’ from this laptop I’m typing from now, but that was never sent to my Uphold wallet. Same linked Uphold wallet; but different Brave browser laptops. However, each laptop has a unique BAT token wallet.

Am I never going to see the 68.9 BAT? And while I’m at it, I much prefer Bitcoin instead of BAT. Please bring back Bitcoin…not BAT. That will solve a LOT of these problems if we can all just link our Brave browsers to a Bitcoin wallet…instead of an Uphold wallet - problem solved! (or at least give us users that option in a future release)

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Hi @dholbrook, welcome to community, and thanks for taking the time to write in! A few follow up questions to better understand what might be going on:

What OS and Brave version are you using?
Have you successfully received BAT from Ads to your Uphold wallet in the past?
Would you be willing to share a screenshot of your of your Ads dashboard?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @steeven, screenshots attached.

  1. OS Version: This laptop - Windows 10. My other laptop is a MacOS.
  2. You will notice some Ad earnings. For the first time I received Ad earnings (of 2.6 BAT) 2 days ago to my Uphold wallet.
  3. Attached a screenshot from my Ads dashboard and Uphold transactions for the wallet linked/verified with this laptop.


You mention that you have 2 browser wallets. Is the one above with the balance of 68.9 connected to your Uphold? Or this the other wallet connected? Just want to make sure that I’m understanding correctly. Thanks in advance.

Hi Steven, they are both connected to the same Uphold account.

Didn’t think anyone could resolve this. Hopefully others will read this and understand there are some limitations here and although it would be nice to have a way to withdraw funds from any Brave wallet, it does not seem possible at this time…

That seems strange – so you have both wallets verified on both machines? Can I also ask what region you’re currently located in?

I’ve reached out to some Uphold staff for further input as well.

Would you mind going to brave://rewards-internals and sharing the information there with me in a private DM so we can get a more detailed look?

Hi Mattches, sent you a DM. I’m in the USA (TN). Valid Uphold account. No problems there.

Good luck anyone else out there with multiple laptops. I don’t think anyone will answer my question here.

Can you try to log in to Uphold from your laptop where the un-synced BATs are stored?

Just click on “Wallet verified” on your Rewards page, then click “Go to my Uphold account” and log in. I had to do this once to “wake up” the system and after that the browser was syncing fine… maybe it helps here too? Just a wild guess…

I have done this already on all browsers and laptops. No luck.

Is your issue resolved?

Not resolved. I’m not optimistic.