Basic Fingerprint Blocking Concept

Please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place. I would like to request that you confirm or correct my understanding of Fingerprint blocking, explained below.

To verify fingerprint blocking is working, I should be able to visit a site that displays the fingerprint it sees, then shut down the browser, start the browser again, go back to the site that displays the fingerprint it sees, and if fingerprint blocking works, the fingerprint after restarting Brave will be different that it was before the browser was shutdown and started again.

The reason I am asking is I thought I understood this correctly, but I got the same fingerprint after restarting the browser. The test site I used is

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Hello @carla_rogers

i tried your site and it work fine but i choose to clear cache on exit

so i think the site know who your are cause the cache it left on your first visit

so try to clear the cache choose all time and try again

hope that help and have a nice day

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Shutting down, be back after the browser comes back up.

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And the survey sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssssss…


Deleting cookies on exit is not good, since there are a lot of cookies I that very very good to me.

So, doing another test, this time clearing only the cache on exit

Be back after the restart…

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Hello @carla_rogers

any site that use cookies will know that you are the same person without clear it

you can go to the site you like then on left of the address bar there lock icon click on it then click cookies then remove


Unfortunately, clearing cache on exit was insufficient for foiling the fingerprinter. To get a new fingerprint, at that test facility (), it is necessary to clear cache and cookies on exit.

I guess I am being stoopid*. If your browser has a cookie on it, the site that put it there always will be able to identify you uniquely. So, if they save the fingerprint at the same time they put the cookie onto your browser, they can always get the fingerprint they saw at that time,. They would be able to see that the fingerprint generated for you changed, but use the old fingerprint also.

All in all, this thread confirmed my understanding of what fingerprint blocking is supposed to do.

Thank you a million times!

*p.s. I cannot believe the word “stoopid,” spelled correctly, is not allowed, especially when the only thing I called stoopid is me.

I bet whoever is responsible for that rule is going to vote for Biden, oblivious to corruption of Biden and the Democrat party. This really sad.

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100% correct.

Thank you for letting me know how to verify fingerprint blocking works.

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you very welcome and glad to help

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We have a couple posts here from our Senior privacy researcher Pete Synder that you may want to read through:


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