Barve blocking saved website viewed on another browser

Well this is a first for me. I have multiple websites of my own. One of the sites
I have I inadvertently deleted the newest edition. Since it is easier to right click ans “Save” to get the updated version back into my files so I have the version for future work, that is what I did.

After I downloaded it and saved it, I opened it with chrome to check compatibility. It opened fine, then after about 5 minutes I went to the page to check over for mistakes and the page is gone with a dumb logo in the center and text that says “brave blocked this page”.

What the hell has your browser got to do with local web page storage and viewing in other browsers. Who is the brainchild of this asinine option? And what the hell would even posses someone to create a browser that would do something like that?

Best supply an answer fast, because to be truthful Microsoft Edge works better for many applications anyway. Brave does too much dumb unexplainable crap

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