Background playback problems on Xiaomi MIUI 14

When playing audio, for example a YouTube video, leaving the app and opening another app such as messages, Gmail, Twitter, etc or when turning off the display the background playback stutters and more often than not stops completely.

Brave Version 1.48.171

Mobile Device Xiaomi 12T Pro
OS version MIUI 14.0.6

Could you restart the settings ?
Like turn it off and restart Brave → turn it on → Restart Brave

I tried that before and no change.

Just tried again, looks like it has fixed the display off glitch but it still stutters when launching another app.

Like the audio kinda changes right ?
I experience something similar on my MIUI 13 device too.

The audio either stutters or stops completely and the source in question needs to be restarted when returning to brave. With a YouTube video, it’ll be on a black screen with the loading circle.

Also the screenlock stopping playback is happening again.

Looks like a lot of people on other android devices are having this issue and there’s no actionable response from Brave. Sucks, this is my primary mobile browser and this issue is causing QOL problems and is dangerous when I’m using the background playback while driving and want to lock my screen

@Mattches do you have anything that could help?

We are looking into this issue presently as other users have reported this here:

Hi @Mattches @Naplack22 just wanted to update. I just updated to miui 14, and faced the same issue. I restarted the background playback settings and restarted the phone. It solved the issue atleast temporarily, will update if it comes back again.

I’ve found recently, If I pause playback from the notification bar after hitting the home button on the phone and then after starting another app resuming playback from the notification bar it will allow me to go between different apps and lock the screen without the issue. It will start messing up eventually, though.

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Still facing the issue

Still experiencing. Posting to keep thread from locking

@mattches please look into this. Thanks!

I will ping our developers again to take a look at this and get a status update, thank you for your patience.

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