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When i open Brave i had the background set to black, then weeks later somehow it changed to pictures. I reset it to black, then weeks later somehow it switched back to pictures.

How do i set it to black permanently?

Hello @AnalogScott

Does the reset happen on particular events, like after an update or when you do something specific? Also, have you deactivated sponsored pictures from brave? You find this setting at the bottom, where you upload the custom background.

Have a great day!

This question i posted was the second time i asked. Never heard anything the first time. I really didn’t want to switch over to Opera or Firefox, but as petty as my problem is, i simply get distracted by constantly changing pics/ads on a new tab/window. I just want black or a simply image i can use. I was just looking at another new ad/pic and thinking it’s time to move to another browser and then peaked at this question one more time.

Thank you for your response and i’ll try what you’ve pointed out.

I just found that sponsored images slider. I definitely overlooked that when i initially setup the browser. I very much appreciate your help.

Have an awesome day.

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