“Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage” error message with ESPN live video every few mins

title: "“Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage” error message every few mins while watching ESPN live video ".
OS is Win10

Version 1.4.95 Chromium: 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)


  1. Open ESPN website, ex: https://www.espn.com/watch/player?bucketId=5060&id=a49d3db6-046a-4be8-9a47-23d3b56771a6
  2. Watch any video
  3. Page crashes ~every 40mins with this error"Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage"

I wasn’t getting “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage issue, but playback of the video seemed a bit iffy. Have submitted a fix to hopefully help with Shields. Give it the next 48hrs, see if the patch helps.

I would test with Hardware Accelleration = Off in the Brave Settings as an option to the crashes.

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When you say you submitted a patch, where did you submit this? Pull request on github? I started using Brave a while back because it seemed immune to this very issue. However, it didn’t last very long. Maybe a month or 2 before it started happening again. This issue, in fact, happens on any browser I use on any computer I have and they are all Windows 10 based. The error message is usually different, but the symptoms are the same. I start watching a video on ESPN, the browser starts to use a metric ton of memory, then eventually it crashes with either the “Aw Snap” that Chrome and Brave exhibit, but with Opera it just gives the “Out of Memory” error. I’ve even tried with the old version of Edge. Same behavior, uses a bunch of memory then eventually crashes.

I am probably going to dual boot a Linux partition on my media center and see if the behavior is the same in Linux just for grins.

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The “Aw snap” issue isn’t that uncommon. Issue also related to Chrome also:

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Yes it’s a common error, but it happens on ESPN in particular every time I attempt to watch a video. I watch UFC events almost every weekend and this happens on every video I have watched for months now. Like the OP said this happens around ever 30 to 40 minutes. Usually did to the browser eating so much memory that it runs out and crashes with that error.

I’m still interested in this patch you’re talking about.

Was removal of a problematic filter;

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Checked today and the issue is still observed with same scenario, how can I check if fix is present in my current version?

Here’s some screen shots of my Brave and Windows Task Managers.

Apparently that 30 to 40 minutes is how long it takes to eat up 8+ gigs of ram. For reference, I have 16G of ram. As stated before. This happens on every browser I have tried on every computer I have. You either get Aw Snap! Which is a totally vague error. But in Opera or Vivaldi it will actually tell you Out of Memory. All of these are Chromium based BTW. Been having this issue for months. Can’t seem to get anyone’s attention that this is a problem.

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Huge problem this is, frustrating to reload each time.

However, am new to Brave and was using Opera for past 3 years and don’t remember running into out of memory issue. Will try it out again.

Yeah, I actually switched to Brave around October 2019 because it was the only browser that did not crash on the ESPN site. Then some time in January it started crashing in Brave too. The only reason I go to ESPN is for the UFC fights. Ever since the UFC sold out to ESPN for their streaming it has been a total nightmare.

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Other things I tried tonight.

  1. Tried Brave in Ubuntu Linux with ESPN+. Same effect. Ate tons of ram then crashed.
  2. Tried Brave in Mac OS. Ate tons of ram then crashed.
  3. Tried Firefox on both Windows, MacOS, and Linux. All crashed.
  4. Tried Safari in MacOS. Ate a bunch of memory, then I saw the memory usage drop as if garbage collection kicked in. No crashes. Safari seems to be the only browser that doesn’t crash on the ESPN site.

For me, no issue/Aw snap error with Opera …
@fanboynz - whats the way forward to fix this issue?

I was able to get a whole event to play on my Mac Mini. But good god, look at how much memory it ended up using at the end of the event. Surprised the computer wasn’t brought to its knees. It only has 16G of RAM.

Also, if I run the same exact event in opera, this is the error.

Here’s something else that I find very interesting. As I stated earlier in the thread, I get this error when watching UFC events and videos. ESPN+ (Note the Plus) is the streaming platform for the UFC. This means if you wanted to replicate this error, you would need to be logged into ESPN+ and then stream one of the UFC videos that was an exclusive to ESPN+. Of course even the live video feed you see when you log into ESPN+ is exclusive.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. You can also watch streams and/or On Demand videos in their library that aired on one of the ESPN channels. Normal channels on cable or satellite that is. However, you would need to log in with your TV provider. In my case that’s DirecTV. So earlier I went ahead and chose a replay of an even that aired on TV and I logged in with my TV provider. I could see the DirecTV overlay in the video. As I did with the exclusive UFC event videos on ESPN+, I monitored the memory usage in the task manager. I let the video run for about 15 minutes or so. RAM usage never got over 700MB. Compare that to the UFC ESPN+ videos, that running in the same 15 minute period use somewhere in the ballpark of 6 and 8GB.

I’ve very convinced that this particular issue is related to whatever video player tech they are using for those specific videos. Something wrong with the core functionality of the code behind the scenes that is causing a huge memory leak for the browser process that is running. Meanwhile I have a case number with ESPN+ support. I will continue to contact them about once a week to see if there is any progress.

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