Automatic font sizing on Android

It is unclear as to the source of the JPG in this reply automic font sizing and/or if it is intended to be the answer. Regardless, I can not find any setting similar to that shown in either my Android settings or Brave settings. Please advise as to how to make fonts in Brave larger and/or how to make them use the Android settings.

That isn’t a setting in brave android, from what I can tell… Maybe a screenshot of some other app or bave beta/nightly build? dunno… Either way, it seems like it was a feature request…

Yes… i guess that was taken from Firefox Android.

I see that option in FF.

Thanks, @megaspaz. I figured that might be the case. I look forward to that feature being added as I am a huge fan of Brave and determined to use it exclusively.

I appreciate the timely response.

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