Auto translate of non-english sites

Is there any auto translate of sites in this browser?? If there’s not,I hope that there will be

This is the only feature brave is missing from chrome + News feed Hope they can add this like chrome

Personally, I don’t know any plugins. However, most of the times I use google chrome when I need to translate a foreign language browser to English. I find it very helpful and timesaving. Even with this translation though, I sometimes have trouble understanding the content, because of my weak English skills. I didn’t practice English for three years, because I was living in Portugal, so I kind of forgot a lot of important stuff. Now, I try to improve my skills by doing online classes, working on various types of exercises, such as a compound sentences worksheet. I am currently in my third month of online classes, and I hope I will soon reach my goal.

I’ve also raised this issue here,see