Auto suggest should NOT automatically fill the first option by default

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To be clear, I want to keep auto suggestions on. I want websites to be suggested. I want past search requests to be suggested. I want bookmarks to be suggested. BUT I do NOT want them be automatically filled on as the first result by default! I have arrow keys and a tab key, I can navigate down to the correct result if necessary, but I do NOT want it to be filled out as that by default! If I type in “brave” I expect to search whatever search engine as “brave” not some random search query “brave xyz” from like 3 months ago. If I type “brave” and press enter, it should take me to that exact search on google/brave search whatever. If I search “brave” and the auto suggest says “” don’t take me to “”. Just. Search. “brave”. oh my god it is not that difficult. “brave” + enter should ALWAYS be a search query for “brave”. Not some random browsing history result from months ago. But if that is relevant, if that is what I am searching for, guess what? I can use tab keys, I can use arrow keys to go to that result, but it should not fill it out by default. Ever. I hate it, and it is one of my red lines of things I hate about using brave, which has caused me to quit using the browser. I want the suggestions there, I want the drop down, the bookmarks, the websites, even the past history, but for the love of all good things that exist I do NOT want that to be autofilled to the result by default! It is just ANNOYING!

  1. Type “brave xyz” + enter.
  2. Type “brave” + enter.

Notice how it takes you to whatever “brave xyz” result is, instead of the literal exact thing I am searching for which is “brave”. Let me reiterate since some people will somehow still find a way to misinterpret what I am saying. I WANT THE SUGGESTIONS. JUST STOP PUTTING IT THERE BY DEFAULT AS I TYPE. THE DROP DOWN MENU EXISTS FOR A REASON. LET ME USE THE DROP DOWN MENU WHEN I WANT TO GO TO BOOKMARKS/WEBSITES/PAST SEARCH RESULTS. DO. NOT. PUT. IT. IN. THE. SEARCHBAR. AS. I TYPE. Are we clear on exactly what I mean now?

It wasn’t Brave who started this, but it’s awful. I got used to it, but it still annoys me to this day. I got used to always pressing DELETE after typing something in the search bar to remove whatever was autocompleted. Which means in the rare case autocompletion doesn’t have anything to suggest, I delete my last character. But at least in 95% of the cases this works as intended.

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