Auto PiP Feature for videos

I like to listen to podcasts on YouTube and learn from videos while taking notes. This is a great situation for PiP. However, the PiP feature could be a much nicer.

Currently, you have to manually put a video in PiP mode which can be a lot of annoying clicking. And the PiP window doesn’t have controls for going back or forward 15 sec. in time, for example. The only browser other than Brave that offers the 15 sec feature is Firefox.

Something that Arc does which is hands down one of my favorite features is Auto PiP. The way it works is if you start playing a video on a tab and you navigate away from that tab, the browser puts that video in PiP mode automatically for the user. And when you navigate back to the tab, it automatically pops the video out of PiP mode for you, which makes so much sense. Of course, this feature can be turned off in settings for folks who may not like it. I will also add that the PiP player has nice looking controls to go back/forward 15 seconds, play/pause, minimize, close, and go back to the source tab. It has the perfect controls. Lastly, Arc’s PiP player even lets the user resize the PiP player via a pinch gesture on macOS. So intuitive and easy to use.

Would love to see this in Brave. I’m actually surprised that no other browser (besides Arc) has done this.

When first creating this post, there was some text stating that I should explain why Brave should take this request seriously. Well, I imagine that Brave probably won’t take this post seriously, but I will tell you something: it’s these kinds of features, lots of them, that really make the experience an amazing experience. If I’m being honest, Brave could use some more polish around things such as this. Especially with how hard it begs people to use Brave over Chrome and how it tells people they can watch a ton of YouTube without being bothered by ads. Well, this could help convince folks that their video watching experience in Brave will be that much better, on top of not being bothered by ads.

Note: Tried attaching an image of what the Arc PiP player looks like, but it was just endlessly spinning without ever uploading.