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Ticket 202205 on June 20th - Resolved

J (Brave Software)

Jun 27, 2023, 12:32 PM PDT

This should now be resolved.

You will now be able to earn Rewards for viewing Ads if verified in an eligible region.

Ticket is 201850. Created: 19/6/2023 at 10:16

Received email saying issue was fixed but account still flagged

Contacted support again and now the issue is solved.

Ticket : 201133
created: june 15th 2023

The issue is now resolved for me :grinning:

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HI there,

Ticket : 201410
created: june 17th 2023


Hello there,

Ticket: 199610
June 8th 2023

Ticket: 199609
June 16th 2023

Ticket #201554 created June 17th

I put in a request back on 06/08 and a follow up on 06/19. I got the acknowledgement of receipt for the 06/08 initial contact request with [G22DYG-NYYP9] at the bottom. It doesn’t look like everyone else’s ticket number but that’s all I have.

Do I need to put in another ticket and ask for a number this time?

Ticket # 201021 created on June 14th,

201425 on June 15

ticket 200494 created June 12th

20272 and 202721 6/23/2023

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Btw, I know @Evan123, @SaltyBanana, and the rest of the team are going through tickets. I know at least a couple people have been helped, with at least one having responded here.

Would be awesome if people can edit their comments or post an update here once assisted so people can see progress being made. But it is what it is. Just wanted to let everyone know it’s still a work in progress

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Ticket number #202135, submitted on Friday, June 23.

Ticket 200163
Created June 10th

Ticket: 200598, Created On: Jun 12, 2023, 4:19 PM PDT

Ticket 203542

Created on June 27, 2023

Ticket # 201186 created June 15, 2023.
UPDATE: This has been resolved as of June 28, 2023.

Ticket # 199902 - June 13th, 2023

Solved as of 06/30, received a refund from Brave.

Ticket #200894 June 21st, 2023