Not reciving rewards?

Hi, i once again… again again again, have not recived my rewards…

Why is it every third or fourth month my rewards are not being paid out?

It is a bit frustrating, what to do?

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My account is not flagged (anymore was a few months ago), where do i create the Ticket… and why is there so many problems with payouts, flagging etc etc, i work as a software engineer and know how tough coding can be sometimes, but come on… this is recurring all the time, its unbelieveable.

Honestly i feel like these “bugs” or whatever you want to call them are on purpose…

You can go and raise the ticket at the same link man. I’ve said if you haven’t received payout or flagged you raise ticket at

The answer’s correct. Brave support will only personally look into if you raise a ticket. Its you who’s gotta sleep. Not here to argue

SmartyAadi, From all the support team on the forum, you look like the most arrogant.

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