"Are you still there?" notifications

I usually encounter this problem when watching youtube, on android or PC, but if I watch videos without interacting with the device I get a message asking something along the lines of “Are you still there?” And this pauses the entire video screen and I have to select “Yes” to continue.

I searched but could not find a way to disable this option, this is solely on brave and I do not encounter it on other browsers but I use Brave to not deal with interruptions, but that one notification causes issues.

If I am just missing it, could someone lead me to how to disable the notification?

Hello @Jadikan. This option have nothing to do with Brave. It is active in every browser and have to do with Google (YouTube). ME to have the same problem and didn’t found the way to disactivate it.

Ah I apologize then, I’ve only experienced it in brave but I’ll search other forums to see if I can fix the issue, thank you for getting back to me

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No problem. Pleasure to help. :slight_smile: