April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update

thanks for update. I havent received any of those payments yet.
I have my Gemini Wallet verified and shows no deposit on this month.

Same here i have also dm ed both of them . I am also facing the same issue with wallet verified with gemini . May is coming near , i hope we get it before may

i sent a message directly to steven and even asked for help on threads like this and till now i have not received my april payment. i was supposed to get 4.9 bat but i received some 0.25 bat and that’s it. the rest wasnt even passed onto the next month. i don’t know where it is but brave messed up with payments big time!

Sadly i am still missing my payment…


I don´t receive BATS of 2 devices unfortunately

Did only received paiement from 1 of 3 browsers. Verified account as it works fine each month.
Could you help ?

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Same problem here too .I think we will get them soon .let’s wait they are saying that they are working on this problem.

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They’ve been saying that for weeks now and still had the gall to claim “completed!” pretty early as they ignored the people they told to dm them and countless people were spamming this forum constantly saying the process is most definitely not completed. I would’ve been far more patient if they haven’t been so careless and incompetent regarding their communications.

Is this the Gemini Claim button you’re referring to?:

Apparently not all.
I AM a gemini user too and I have NOT received the corrected amount yet. Just the 0.25
I’m sure I’m not alone. What’s wrong?

Please also check your actual Gemini account as the amount may have been transferred/deposited directly (without the claim option appearing).

Thank you.

And what about for Uphold users who didn’t get payment of both devices ???


This is a known issue that they are trying to resolve. When there is more info, they will post it.

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Yeah i know they are working on it, but May is just around the corner and some still haven’t gotten their share of tokens. And how will that work with the next payout?
I’m stsrting to think i need to screenshot every pwyout ststus for my phones judt to be sure nothing is missing?

I do this just in case… I take a snapshot of the rewards panel and include the system date/time. I also back up my brave-browser folder periodically during the month and at the end of the month. I have been impacted by payout issues but so far Brave has come through even if a little (lot :wink:) later than expected. Never hurts to have backups…

The next day and still
no income from NEW ADS who are showing.

My Gemini account that used to automatically show the deposit hasn’t shown anything deposited, and I still have the Claim button, but am afraid to click it as people with verified Gemini accounts seem to be having a problem when the click to claim their rewards.

Hey ! Thanks for ur efforts ! Finally I got my BATs from all devices!


As did I. Thanks to @mattches , @steeven and the rest of the Brave team!

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I still have received absolutely nothing whatsoever.