April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update

I’m in the same boat; I’ve sent DMs to @steeven as well as @Mattches with no response nor rewards

Same here on 1 browser , i hope we get it before this month ends

next day and still no March rewards

still, nothing happens…0,25 on my rewards account…still no MArch rewards!!!

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At least you got that much, still nothing for me and they had the gall to post an insulting update “as everyone has noticed, problem is solved!” in the update thread.


i got nothing…0.25 is from February…March still nothing, now new ads give me nothing…
they forced me to verify my wallet on gemini - and I find out that I am flagged…
so FU BRAVE !!! will not show any ads to me till you solve problem.

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Did you A) Already have a verified Gemini account and B) end up having to click “Claim Rewards”?

Same Questions: Did you already have a verified Gemini Account and did you have to click “Claim Rewards”? Oh and btw to the whole community, you know how like for example, it says I have 75 days left to claim my March Rewards? What would happen if I didn’t claim them before my April Rewards hit? would the browser just add the two amounts together or give me two separate amounts? (I wasn’t sure if the Gemini, Claim Rewards error issue had been worked out, and wanted to see what happened with April’s deposit, and see if it gets automatically deposited or if I’ll have to click another Claim Rewards, which I still haven’t clicked for March!)

@davemp88 If you don’t claim your rewards within stipulated time, you will loose them as they disappear. Browser will not add different claims and they will appear as separate claims. If you are on the latest version, I sugget you go ahead and claim them.

Even with a verified Gemini account? It says I have 75 days left to claim them and I never used to have to claim them before?

Yes- https://redd.it/tabxln

i didn’t had verified wallet
now i have

and March rewards i clicked claim - and was waiting as in February couple of days to show up…and they never show up

Some people are saying click claim and others arent. If youre a verified Gemini user, should you click Claim Rewards or will it error out?

And What happens if I dont claim Marchs rewards by the end of today? Is says I still have 74 days left to claim them?

So Does Anyone know FOR SURE what happens if I dont click claim for March’s rewards by the end of today? I mean it says I still have 74 days to claim it? I have a verified Gemini account

@davemp88 I personally had no issues with claim on Gemini verified device. It can give you error but most likely Brave has resolved it.

You have to claim within time mentioned in the claim itself. If your browser is updated to the latest version, you should claim it or you can do it as per your convenience, you can let it expire as well.

I didn’t hit claim before midnight and my 5.5 BAT I earned for April just disappeared?! PLEASE HELP. I HAVE SCEENSHOTS PROVING THE AMOUNTS I HAD TOO

I just checked again and it seems as though the browser is doing the same thing it did last month, and depositing/processing 4.9 of my BAT and it put the rest into May’s earnings, which I’m ok with, I just freaked out when I saw my earnings go from 5.5 to 0.325!

Do you mean you are seeing something like “Your 4.9 BAT will arrive in 7 days”? Then it has different/independent time frame than that of your claim button and it is expected each month.

where are rewards from March???

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