App keeps crashing, doesn’t even last a minute

The app keeps crashing on and on and it isn’t working at all since the most recent update (1.15.1). It won’t even last till I go to settings to report a bug. I’m using an iPhone 6.

Same here … also on iPhone 6.

Did you have Brave Rewards enabled before the update?

Yes, I’ve had it enabled before the update.

for the record, in the 1.15.1 we had to perform a database migration for Brave Rewards publisher list, we are investigating the crashes right now


I am also experiencing this problem with using latest version of Brave on my iPod Touch 6th gen. iPod is on latest iOS 12.4.6 and Brave crashes after just a few seconds of browsing every time.

But my iPhone 7 which is on latest iOS 13.4.1 is working okay with latest version of Brave.

I haven’t had time to teat my iPad on iPad OS yet, but I suspect the problem is either with iOS version 12 or older A8 chipset like an iPod 6th or iPhone 6

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yeah, so far all reports say the problem happens on older devices
our first guess it that the app is running out of memory when the migration happens, since thousands of rows are being inserted

as a temporary workaround you can try disabling Brave Rewards and see if that helps

If you can’t make it before the crash, disable your internet connection, then go to Brave and disable Brave Rewards

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