episodes not playing

Description of the issue:
Episodes of anime on are not playing when I click play on them.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  1. Select any episode on (possible ads; unlikely after I was being pretty persistent, my bad to fanboynz.)
  2. Click play on the episode (Click to load, then play.)

Expected result:
Video doesn’t play; eternal loading ensues.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Reproduces how often:
Every episode I try to watch.

Operating System and Brave Version (See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Android 7.0 / Brave 1.15.73

Additional Information:
It’s as if always has some problems when on mobile. Works just fine on browser on Windows. Guess it’s just really hard to watch anime on a phone ;-;

I actually do not see this issue on my end. With default Shields/browser settings, the site loads without issue, as do videos. I am able to watching Anime content on the site after choosing a video, then clicking the load symbol.

Can you try clearing your cache and browsing data for the site, then seeing if you get different results? I’m also interested in whether or not Shields up or down makes any difference.

Looks like clearing my cache and browsing data did more bad than good. The following two screenshots show exactly what happened after I cleared the cache and tried watching an episode:

After clicking load:

After clicking play:

Without Brave Shields up, you’re virtually unable to access the site due to ads being everywhere.

Yes I do see that with Shields down. But to confirm, the content does not play – it just gets stuck loading?

That is correct. Also, you can see by the screenshots that most icons have disappeared.

Thanks for the information – I’m reaching out to some team members for more information.

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This is just my own speculation, but it could be possible that the Brave Shields are blocking the actual video player, which is kwik.

I would agree if it weren’t for the fact that I’m able to view the site and content without any issue with Shields up.

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That truly is strange. However, I digress. Please get back to me if any solution is found by the team!

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Yep – I’ll be sure to respond here as soon as i have any additional information.

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I have adjusted the filter for animepahe, which should help with playback.


Looks like this did the trick! Thanks for your help!

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