Android phone buttons turn black on dark theme

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

Visit the following links, which show yoate information about this Chrome error:

A ticket about this error was also posted here on the site: Android system buttons (triangle, circle, square) color issue

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**1.60.110
@Mattches @Saoiray @sampson @Evan123 @steeven @brian can you take a look at this error?

@Mattches @Saoiray @sampson @Evan123 @steeven @brian can you take a look at this error?

@Claudiu1 When you create topics, it’s good to provide details in the topic. I don’t know about the others, but I’m not prone to click on random links to see what’s going on. This whole bit of opening a topic has practically no information and is trying to redirect me to another topic or site, it’s not likely to keep my attention.

This is especially true if it’s to something from nearly a year ago, such as how yours was to something in January 2023. Why? Well, several updates have been done and we don’t know if the old topic is correct anymore.

But on top of that, even you linked to a Chromium issue on that. If it’s Chromium, then it’s an upstream fix and the chances of Brave touching it is incredibly slim. Lastly, when it’s just an idea of someone complaining about a shade of black/gray, that’s a very low priority item compared to people who have their devices crashing, not receiving payments, etc.

This bug has been available for a very long time and is still present and it also affects Brave, so that the phone’s navigation buttons are no longer visible. Go to the link on the Chromium website, there are all the details and it would be good if there was an involvement on your part to resolve these errors, which affect the visibility of the navigation.

I can make sure the team knows about it, but this ultimately comes down to the fix coming from upstream, as the Chromium team implements and pushes the changes out.

In addition to this bug, there is another bug present on YouTube, which is also reproduced in Brave, full bug details are available on the Chromium bug site here:
I really ask you to check these bugs, because they also affect Brave. Note these 2 errors.

@Claudiu1 there are very few people who work at Brave. There are thousands of reported issues and many major projects they are working to accomplish. The focus of Brave developers is only on things caused by Brave’s code. If it is a Chromium issue, then it tends to require Chromium teams to fix it. The exception is if it is some big security risk or is something causing the browser to break, which neither of your reports are about.

So when you see open Chromium issues, you need to bug them and get more people to respond there. Sharing it here likely won’t do much of anything. This is a lesson I have learned while watching over things and helping people for the last few years.

And even projects that Brave is working on tends to take years for them to do.

But maybe you can help with these errors as well, even though they are not priority, I think they still affect the visual user and some options not working properly, like the error attached with the YouTube site. These are errors that can be fixed quickly.

No, they can’t. Otherwise they’d be done already by Chromium. Or you would go do it yourself.

Anyway, I’m just was trying to be about as open and honest with you as I can be. 99.9% it’s not going to be worked on by anyone at Brave. You can pretty much assume that 99% of any issues that are based on Chromium will never be touched by devs at Brave.

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