Android passwords location

Hi, I’m doing some researching about phone system. I’ve been using Brave since a while, and I found that it save password on the phone (like most of mobile browsers).

But I didn’t find the location of the saved passwords in my phone, is it stored in the /data folder or something ?

By the way, my phone is rooted so I can access in any folder I want.

Thanks you for replying

Hey @userLand, Welcome to Brave Community!

To see stored passwords under Brave Browser go to Settings > under Basics > Passwords.

I know that :smiley: I don’t want to view them in the app, I want to find where it stores the passwords on the filesystem of the phone, I need the location of the password file. :wink:

So I can doing some research and analyzing of how the browser stores passwords on Android phones :wink:

they saved on file called Login Data and Login Data-journal but i do not have brave on android to tell you the exact location

hope that help and have a nice day

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