Android Browser disappearing bookmarks

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Description of the issue:

the top sites (bookmarks) which I added to my brave home (start) page are vanishing from time to time.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. add some website as bookmark to the folder mobile bookmarks
  2. open some tabs
  3. delete all open tabs

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
I can not find this info. I have the latest version available in Google playstore

Mobile Device details

Additional Information:

I had the same problem before several times with the opera browser at my android device.
That was the reason why I changed to the brave browser. But now I thing the reason is maybe somewhere else. Maybe opera and brave they originated from the same source code kernel?

You go to Brave’s settings → About Brave.

Which are you referencing? Top Sites and Bookmarks are two different things and located in different locations. Bookmarks would have to be accessed via Bookmarks which you can get from your hamburger menu (the three dots). Top sites is just your most visited sites. What shows there will change based on what sites you visit. It’s not a manually added thing, at least not yet. So it would be good to make sure you’re looking at the right place.

What I mean are bookmarks which I add manually.

no one else here has problem that once created Brave Bookmarks disappear at android devices? I can’t belive it.

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