Android: "Block all Cookies" doesn't sometimes work

Usually if I block all cookies I don’t get any message that forces me to accept all cookies or individual website cookies.

settings: trackers & ads blocked ( “aggressive” )

However - using Brave 1.27.109 (Android) I oft get cookie popups. (Same settings using Windows: I never get any cookie popups)

But not all website show cookie popups:
For example: Techradar no issues

Other websites I tried out and blocking cookies doesn’t work: ( Brave seems to block all cookies) (same issue Windows 10)

Successfully blocked the cookie window by enabling Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List via brave://adblock.

Thanks! It worked … I didn’t know it was possible to select fiter lists using Brave (mobile version). - brave://adblock was actually the solution.

You’re welcome! Just wanted to let you know that enabling Fanboy Annoyances List is enough to hide this particular cookie window, but uBlock Annoyances List is another great filter list, using both filter lists is highly recommended if you would like to get rid of as many annoyances as possible.

EDIT: Facebook still shows cookie popups (BOTH: windows 10 AND android)

As far as I know I have no cookie exceptions.


Is there any way that I don’t get this popup if I view a facebook page ?

I found out AdGuard Annoyances hides the cookie window on Facebook, but that makes the page unresponsive. You can give it a look on desktop, but you’ll have to install either uBlock Origin or Adguard because subscribing to custom filter lists is a work in progress in Brave.

You might have to use a custom filter to hide that cookie window, but it’s not guaranteed that Facebook will function normally. Some websites, for example Google and YouTube, don’t work normally when users bypass the cookies consent. I would say Facebook is also such a website since Adguard Annoyances broke website’s functionality upon hiding the cookies consent window.

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