Allow Brave users to link to their own wallet address as an alternative to Uphold? Uphold executive accused of fraud

Any chance of adding the ability to enter your own wallet address, or integrating something like Wallet Connect?

I use Safepal and I have a BAT wallet, would be great to send straight to it.

If they connect you to an exchange you should always have the private key.

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Brave DEV dont care brave user, they only respect uphold. So many people request add another payment processor … But they not interest.

It’s coming in a release soon.

“we are adding other options soon. Gemini should be available in 1.27” @abishek189

And I truly think since this debacle Uphold is really getting their shitte together.

I would love that but since ther is a lack ok KYC I don’t think it will happen.

More options for wallets are badly needed. Uphold and also the announced GEMINI wallet are not available in many (even large) countries. Thus, neither Uphold nor Gemini can be used in Germany. The rules in Germany are not fundamentally stricter than in comparable countries. We need reliable, credible and actually available solutions. And if you Google Uphold, you will find countless reports of very dissatisfied customers who have been deprived of their deposits or cannot access them.

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Is there a website or article anywhere explaining step by step how to use “a wallet of your choosing” or “crypto wallet” on PC rather than using uphold?

You can use uphold to transfer your BAT to DASH and use the dash network to send. Dash fees are waay cheaper than anything on uphold. Like .0002 or .00002 or something.

Yeah but the first challenge is getting my BAT rewards to Uphold automatically. They haven’t gone through since February 2021. I’ve only gotten my rewards because they were manually paid by Brave team. I’ve got BAT just accumulating in my Android browser and Linux browser that never leaves the browser to go to Uphold. I’ve spoken to @steeven quite a few times about it and I appreciate that they’ve manually paid rewards, but the fact that automatic transfers haven’t been fixed in 6 months leaves me with very little faith in Brave rewards and that the problem will ever be fixed.

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Unfortunately I also have very faith in that. For months there has been no answer to the question if and when alternative wallets will be offered that can actually be used by all users. The current offers from Uphold and Gemini exclude many users due to the countries in which they live. This includes countries from all over the world, even in the middle of Europe.

Indians cant even deposit or withdraw from these exchanges. We have to convert it to xrp and send that to indian exchanges