Allow Brave users to link to their own wallet address as an alternative to Uphold? Uphold executive accused of fraud

the true Gemini does not see it viable either, for example for my country it is not available.

In addition, it can only be verified with a passport.


They are working on bringing Gemini and bitFlyer (JP only) verified wallets to users.

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Not if you’re an America citizen. I would suggest a VPN but that would bypass rules.

Can BAT not migrate to another chain where fees are cheaper? Binance smart chain, Cardano, Polygon etc that would allow cheaper fees for transfers to personal wallets like Metamask etc?

Once you have verified Uphold wallet you can exchange BATs for XRP or Nano (transaction & network fee is much low) in the wallet itself and then transfer them to other wallets. BAT generally has higher transfer fee in most of the platforms.

We are referring to ligament built in features. I like how you found that out though. Did you google it? Also try that on Android before commenting on a change request for Android OS please.

“Once installed; the crypto wallet has options to set up with Ledger, Traezor, wallet connect, MEW, MetaMask, and can be used with the ipfs extension as a solo miner if you are running a local node daemon with remote proxy to solo mine (very common config for being able to move crypto or are into staking; etc). I’ve even using crypto wallet for Brave for as long as I remember, and I love uphold as a phone app especially because it works great with Apple Pay and the Uphold MasterCard is one of few prepaid finding sources accepted by most exchanges.”

If the Dev’s (lol) renege on this proposed change cash out (if you can) and move to Firefox considering Brave just uses open-source Chromium code from git-hub like a puzzle with missing pieces. Also this should be locked by now with a verified solution is telling. Maybe even Gemini doesn’t want to be apart of this.

We have 34 votes. The last change granted had 14 votes.

I voted, but I’m not sure if I’m missing something that is already built in since I’ve always been linked to Uphold. Is there not an option to transfer to the built in CryptoWallet if you accumulate enough to cover gas fees? I’m not seeing the option, so that’s why I voted.

Also nice to hear they are working with other exchanges.

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just passing to say that the number of votes does not guarantee anything

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This, I’ve been using uphold to get XRP and lately Theta since they were one of the few wallets/ exchanges that allowed me to do so in the US but reading this definitely concerns me.
I just got my first BAT payment today to my Uphold wallet so that was neat

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The change is in development right now for Android OS.

@Jonathan.Tuck ok, good news

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Please read the article. It was a single professional!! con man, C-level executive, fled to Dubai after he pulled off his hist. Uphold holds some responsibility, they bought a bridge.

Jonathan.Tuck we are adding other options soon. Gemini should be available in 1.27

I respect your brutal honesty, if the change doesn’t happen I’ll try it your way. Please message me detailed instructions (if there’s anyway it can be more detailed) . You and I will and hopefully others can propagate that method. I will not take credit for your work/discovery. @brill.i.aint is the one with the workaround.

I honestly don’t know why my comment is bothering you so much – at least to me, you seem to be upset – :thinking: